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INSTANT Lift strips for tightening the face and neck

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Instant lift tapes for tightening the face and neck

Erase 10 years from your face in 45 seconds!

No painful and expensive treatments!

Instant lift strips for tightening the face and neck are a beauty trick that professional makeup artists, make-up artists and celebrities have been using since 1969, when they first appeared on the market.

They enablesafe and quick facelifting effect without pain and recovery from plastic surgery.

Make-up artists also use them for photo shoots when they want to achieve a cat-like dramatic look.“.

Whether you want to look refreshed and rejuvenated for a special event or you will use them in everyday use, face lifting strips will achieve thatwow effect and take 10 years off your face.

Simple and safe application; attach the adhesive stickers to the rubber bands and stick them on the face. The strips will tighten the skin behind and up and provide a refreshed and youthful look in an instant.

A strip pack is available for dark haired and fair haired and the difference is in the color of the strips that go into the hair.

Each package containstwo face tightening straps, one neck tightening strap and 20 skin-tight stickers.

  • Waterproof and elastic, they will not tighten you uncomfortably, and at the same time your face will be tightened with an instant lift effect and a more pronounced V shape of the face

  • The stickers are hypoallergenic, breathable (with holes) and made with medical glue

  • By gently pulling loose skin, the system smoothes wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks and neck and restores natural beauty and emphasizes the contours of the face

  • For all skin types, men and women

  • Persistence up to 9 hours without peeling


Insertion procedure:

  1. Face strips: Separate the two longer strips and attach the labels to the upper label hole.

2. Cleanse your face (the area on which you will stick the stickers) to be clean and dry, without creams, lotions, etc. It is preferable to wipe the place with alcohol, as well as the hands with which you apply the stickers to your face. This will ensure a stronger grip.

3. When you have chosen a place on the temple, stick the stickers on both sides and press for 10 seconds to stick well.

4. Separate the hair from the height above the ear to higher, and pull the strips from both sides and connect them in the middle.There are several places on the strap to connect, depending on how much you want them to tighten the skin.

5. Neck straps: Separate the shorter strip and attach the label to it on both sides on the lower holes (you can cut off the excess).

6. Lift the hair from the neck, stretch the tape with stickers and stick it on the back of the door.

7. Enjoy your facelift!





How often can I use Instant lift strips for skin tightening??

You can use them daily or for special occasions whenever you want to achieve a woof effect and erase wrinkles from your face and refresh and rejuvenate your appearance.

How long can I wear them on my face?

If you place them correctly, the stickers last up to 9 hours of worry-free wear without peeling, depending on skin type, activities, weather conditions, etc. If you have sensitive skin and irritation occurs, we recommend stopping use.

Can I use makeup on them??

You can. It is only important that the surface on which the stickers are applied is clean and dry. When they are properly placed, you can apply makeup to cover them.

Will the stickers come off during wear??

It won't if you followed the instructions and cleaned the skin well before applying. The stickers must not be peeled off and stuck on again. Avoid touching these areas after gluing.

It is recommended to carry additional stickers in your bag, in case they come off for any reason.

How will I remove the stickers after use??

 For easier removal, use coconut oil or an oil-based cleansing milk on and around the stickers to loosen the adhesive and slowly and gently peel them off your face.

 What our customers say 


" Phenomenal stickers. Tried and delighted with the results. The strips stay off my face for at least 10 years and tighten everything and are not at all uncomfortable to wear. Thank you very much."

Milena, Split


"My recommendation to everyone, they hold well, you only have to press a little when applying and of course clean the skin well before that. They pull the loose skin around my eyes and with them I have fresh eyes and a look. They are great."

Sanja, Samobor


" The strips have a strong adhesive and hold well. They are easy to put on once you try them on. They are perfect for taking pictures, thank you. "

Tea, Zagreb

" I saw those strips on a youtuber and decided to try them. What a difference :) Also, this is the fastest delivery ever, thank you very much."

Iva, Crikvenica





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