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MagicLIFT strips for lifting the eyelids transparent

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HRK 109.00 / EUR 14.47

(1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK)

Comfortable and invisible MagicLIFT strips for lifting eyelids without surgery.

Say BYE BYE to drooping and drooping eyelids.

Dermatologically tested MagicLIFT strips have the effect of lifting the eyelid, and are easy to adjust and allow your eyes to look bigger and fresher in an instant.

Lift your eyelids in seconds.

After just one use, you'll be amazed at the difference and want to use them daily.

Without any interventions, there is now a quick and effective solution.

Raise your eyelids to natural and safe way with the help of eyelid stickers.

An effective and painless solution with an instant eye lift-the result is visible immediately.

Sagging eyelids are an aesthetic problem that makes you look older than you are, even when you don't have wrinkles. Sagging eyelids thus enhance a person's tired appearance, make it difficult to apply eye make-up, and most people want to remove them as soon as possible.

Before resorting to expensive surgical methods, try Magiclift strips for lifting the eyelids, which will instantly make your eyes shine again and make your face look younger and rested as before.

Remove fatigue and extra years from your face and get rid of drooping eyelids painlessly and in an instant.

How Magiclift strips help lift eyelids without surgery?

Magiclift strips are a popular beauty trend that delighted women around the world.

They represent an effective and painless way to lift the eyelids, which makes it possible to restore freshness to the face, eliminate age and traces of fatigue.

It is only necessary to stick them at the fold of the eyelid so that the arc of the tape follows the arc of the eye.

In this way, the strips help to get rid of the most common aesthetic problem in women, which is getting bigger with age, drooping, uneven and swollen eyelids..

All this without surgical procedures and expensive cosmetics.

Why choose Magiclift tapes??

  • They tighten and lift lowered eyelids in an instant
  • They give a fresher and more rested appearance
  • They take years off from the face
  • They make the eyes they look more beautiful and larger
  • They are imperceptible and pleasant to wear
  • Dermatological examined
  • Simple and fast application
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • They last until 10-12 hours
  • Waterproof and long-lasting - they are not affected by sweat, eye movements or water

Suitable for all skin types. For women and men.

Waterproof and invisible self-adhesive strips..

They can also be used if you wear contact lenses.

Material: PE, medical glue

Installation procedure in a few seconds.

They are compatible with make-up and enable the application of complete make-upwithout difficulty.

The easiest way for an instant eye lift– the result is visible immediately.


Installation instructions:

  1. Clean the eyelid with facial toner. The eyelid must be dry and clean, without makeup and grease.
  2. Use tweezers or the attached spatula to remove one strip from the foil.
  3. Tilt your head back slightly, looking straight into the mirror. Depending on the shape of the eye and the texture of the skin, choose the place where you will place the strip. Then press it on the skin so that it sticks completely and hold for a few seconds.
Keep in mind that it takes some practice until you find the right place and angle for your eye, where the strip will sit well and optimally raise your eyelid and be the most comfortable to wear.
  1. After wearing, gently and slowly remove the strips from the eyelids. For easier removal, you can use coconut oil or any oil-based makeup remover.



Anyone can use MagicLIFT strips?

The straps can be used by women and men of all ages. Particularly good results have been shown in people with droopy eyelids and small and tired eyes.

What size suits my eye?

Every eye is different and there are no precise rules for where the strip should be placed.

We recommend that you test all sizes and find the best option for your eye.

Can the same strip be used more than once??

No, MagicLIFT strips are for single use.

Will I feel the MagicLIFT strips on my eyes??

If you place them correctly, you won't feel like you're wearing straps. They are extremely gentle and pleasant.

How long do the strips last on the eyelid??

MagicLIFT strips stay in place all day, and when necessary, all night :)

Can I apply makeup over the strips??

Yes, the strips can be covered with eye shadow.

Important: gently apply make-up with a brush, do not rub.

Can I use MagicLIFT if I have sensitive eyes??

You can. The strips are dermatologically tested and can be used on sensitive eyes. If an allergic reaction occurs, we recommend discontinuing use.

Are the strips noticeable on the eyes??

MagicLIFT strips are designed so that they are not noticeable on the eyelid if they are placed correctly.

Relax and enjoy this little beauty secret.

What our customers say 


"This is fantastic! I've always had droopy eyelids and if only I had known about you earlier. I taped them twice to see where it would be best to put the strip. It takes a little practice, but the results are more than excellent. Thank you!"

Tanja, Vinkovci

" The order arrived quickly and I'm delighted with the difference in appearance. I was thinking about surgery but I don't have the money for it, so these stickers are a lifesaver for me. Thank you."

Marija, Križevci

"Great! I'm very happy with the strips, my husband immediately noticed the difference and I'm sending you a picture so you can see. I have a sticker on one eye and I don't on the other. My recommendation to everyone who suffers from droopy eyelids like me."

Sandra, Osijek


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