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Chest strap Zero baby

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HRK 119.00 / EUR 15.79

(1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK)

The solution to lift breasts in an instant for any outfit and any breast size.

With Zero baby bands, you can lift, tighten and shape your breasts in an instant.

Feel yourself carefree and relaxed in any outfit.

A little trick: You can also use the tapes on other parts of the body such as; abdomen, upper arms, thighs.

Zero baby breast straps are the solution you've always been looking for:

  • Breast lift in an instant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No latex
  • 5 meters in a reusable roll
  • Wear outfits you haven't been able to before
  • Waterproof, perfect for under bikinis and swimwear
  • Cut the length that suits your bust and body
  • They are painlessly removed


  • Cotton
  • Spandex
  • Hyperallergenic medical glue

Roll size: 5 cm x 5 meters

Instructions for placing:

1. Do an allergic reaction test

 It is recommended to do an allergy test before first use. Place a small piece of breast tape on the breast area and leave it on for 4-6 hours. If redness and irritation appear, we do not recommend continuing to use the strips. Do not use on damaged skin.

2. Clean the skin of the chest and neckline

The skin must be clean and dry, without creams, lotions or oils on it.

3. Use nipple stickers

Nipple stickers will protect the delicate skin of the nipple and make it easier to remove the breast tape.

4. Cut the strip and round its edges

 Rounding the edges of the tape will help the tape stick to your skin better.

5. Stretch the body part, not the band

Raise your breast to the desired position, and tape it to hold it in place. It is wrong to stick the tape on the chest and then stretch it to the desired position. Although the tape has the ability to stretch up to 170%, similar to human skin, in order to get a nice round breast shape, the tape should stretch minimally.

6. Avoid stretching the edges

The edges of the tape should remain unstretched, so everything else will stay firmly in place. If the edges of the strip are stretched too much, it will affect the endurance time and possible irritation at the ends of the strips.

7. Do not wear the band for more than 6 hours at a time


The longer you wear the strips, the stickier they become. We do not recommend wearing for longer than 6 hours due to possible irritation or discomfort when removing.

Removing chest straps:

  1. Breast straps are easy to remove: start with the edge, while holding the skin with one hand, gently and slowly remove the strap with the other.
  2. Do not accidentally use the patch removal method; quickly and suddenly. This can cause skin damage and cause you pain.
  3. Breast straps are easier to remove if they are wet; for easier removal, use coconut oil or a body lotion with oil, spread the oil on the strips, let it absorb and then remove the strips. The oil from the lotion will loosen the glue from the strips, making them easier to remove. We recommend this method for people with sensitive skin.

What customers say about the tapes 

"As I thought it would, the straps made a huge difference. I don't have them on the right and I have them on the left. It feels so light, no more horrible bra strings. This is a revelation! Thank you."

Kristina, Pula


"I received your package with straps, thank you very much. I immediately tried them on for summer dresses and they are great. The chest is flat, nothing comes off, I can wear everything for the summer without any worries."

Jana, Slavonski Brod


"I was skeptical when I ordered them because I didn't know if they would hold large breasts, but they do!! I'm sending a picture so you can see the difference. It takes a little practice where to glue, but luckily there are 5 meters in a roll so you learn :) Thank you very much, no more bra pain and lines on the back."

Đurđica, Požega



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